Parrots in a Row

Important things to consider when purchasing a cage for your bird!

Your bird’s cage environment should be STIMULATING, FUN AND SAFE!

The following is recommended so your bird (birds) will be able to:

  • fully open their wings.
  • turn around.
  • play with their toys, (safe chew toys for the size of bird).
  • have a variety of perches.
  • have the ability to climb and move around the cage.
  • have clean water, fresh food and treats and clean crocks (bird bowls) and cage, daily!!
  • have daily interaction with their human companions.
  • have a quiet, dark place to sleep. 
  • Covering a bird is an option depending on where in your home they will be sleeping!
  • Do not place their cage by a television or bright lights at night.
  • Birds nor their cages belong in the kitchen. 
We welcome other ideas and suggestions when purchasing a cage for your bird.
SBBS Sponsors are an excellent resource when purchasing a cage!