Lost and Found


African Grey Parrot

Lost Afeican Grey BenjaminSince February 3, 2014 near the Redondo Beach area. He is 11 years old, he whistles, talks and singe. His family is heartbroken. Please call 703 307-8350 or Point Vicente Animal Hospital, 310 265-9511.


Congo African Grey - Santa Monica, CA

LOST AND fOUND CONGO GREYA beautiful Congo African Grey has been found in the Santa Monica area. This beautiful bird looks well cared for and is hoping to be reunited with loved ones. There is no band to tell if male or female. The person who found it will be taking it to the vet to check for a microchip. The bird had some amazing characteristics and songs. Correct owner will be able to share those. The bird is being well cared for in a bird-friendly home. Please spread the word.

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