Help Us Recover Stolen Birds

African Gray ParrotsAmazon ParrotHello family, friends and community.
We are heartbroken to inform you that after 55 plus years in the South Bay our location was broken into last night and some of our very beloved birds were stolen.
Please Please watch out for non store bird sales of African Greys and Amazons similar to the pictures you see here.


We are absolutely devastated that thieves look at these lives as just money, when to us they are our whole world.
Please call us if you see these types of bird sales that seems too good to be true they are more than likely stolen.

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Bird Ownership

Bird Ownership





The South Bay Bird Society is happy you’ve flown over to see us!

We welcome you and your flock to the South Bay Bird Society. We are so happy to see you. We’re shaking our tail feathers and inviting you inside. You are welcome to meet the other members of our flock and we look forward to finding all about yours. Our goal is to share all the things we have learned along the flight path, including teaching our humans how to care for us.

You may have questions or you may be in need of assistance along the way about how to care for your birds. Check out the entire SBBS website and, if you haven’t found the answer, you can always contact us or attend an SBBS meeting. Plus, have fun along the way! We are always open to your suggestions and ideas!

What are the benefits to you of joining the South Bay Bird Society?
Formerly known as the" South Bay Bird Club" prior to 1997.

In addition to getting a glimpse of our activities and resources, you will also find a wealth of information on having birds, living with birds, and caring for them.

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In 2016, the FBI made animal abuse a felony.

Since then, the worst animal abusers are no longer looking at a slap of the wrist as the FBI has reclassified animal abuse, making it a felony. As far as the nation's top crime fighting agency is concerned, animal abuse is felony, just as arson, burglary, kidnapping and murder.

Report Animal Cruelty | spcaLA

To report animal cruelty in Southern California, report online or call the cruelty tipline at

1-800-540-SPCA (7722)

The FBI Now Considers Animal Abuse a Class A Felony | VICE News

By VICE News
Starting in 2016, the FBI will now keep track of animal cruelty the same way it does homicides.