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Birdie Disaster Preparedness
by Donna Crossley

Tips for Recovering Missing Birds
by Jean Pattison (The African Queen)

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Crazy Corn

No diet can exclusively provide all a bird's needs. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. CRAZY CORN makes it easy to feed the varied natural low fat table foods advised by experts to prevent common seed-only diet malnutrition. Hand-packed, human-grade foods with no artificials are found in all CRAZY CORN mixes. The different blends available offer a variety of veggies, beans, rice, pasta, fruits and nuts.

All are healthy, convenient, simple to prepare, and microwavable. They can be cooked in batches and stored in the freezer for reheating.

If you haven't tried CRAZY CORN, perhaps now might be the time. Most birds respond to interesting food tastes, textures, and variety and will know how important it is to provide them with a balanced, varied diet. The company philosophy is summed up by their slogan: "Quality by Mother Nature ... convenience by CRAZY CORN". We'd like to thank CRAZY CORN for their many generous donations and we wish them continued success.




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