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Birdie Disaster Preparedness
by Donna Crossley

Tips for Recovering Missing Birds
by Jean Pattison (The African Queen)

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Our Sponsors

Animal Lovers Pet Shop

The Animal Lovers Pet Shop specializes in lovely, well-adjusted, hand-fed baby birds. The store stocks an impressive reptile collection and carries everything you need from items for dogs, cats, reptiles, and small animals, to the latest in avian needs; such as food, toys, cages, and other items, including Healthy Bird, a liquid diet supplement for birds. SBBS members receive a discount on purchases (excluding live animals). Tomi Takemoto, owner, is always available to answer questions and to provide free wing and nail trimmings. Tomi has been in business many years in the South Bay area and has a well-respected name in the avian industry. We welcome and thank Animal Lovers Pet Shop for sponsoring our Society and thank Tomi for the super-generous donations she provides for SBBS.



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