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SBBS 2013 Event Pictures

Lawndale Pet Fair

On June 22nd, Paul and Tammy Carreiro and their flock, including outreach Umbrella Cockatoo 'Shasta', Bluefront Amazon 'Chester', African Gray 'Pickles' and Green Wing Macaw 'Bella' represented SBBS at the Lawndale Pet Fair. The crowd was great, asking lots of good questions and showed a lot of interest in the club and upcoming annual picnic. A small raffle of 5 items brought in some good donations to the club. Join us next year for this annual event.

Dr. Irene Pepperberg Fundraiser Dinner

Dr. Irene Pepperberg from The Alex Foundation was a guest speaker at the 2013 Parrots International Symposium held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach June 21 and 22. It was our good fortune Dr. Pepperberg a long time friend of South Bay Bird Society was available for dinner the evening of the 22nd. at the Marmalade Café in Ranch Palos Verde’s.

Twenty-Seven guests including Dr. Pepperberg attended the dinner Guests arrived from San Diego, Las Vegas, South Bay and the Valley. We had a set menu of 4 choices, and each guest was asked in advance to make a donation to the Alex Foundation. Several SBBS members and friends could not attend but were happy to make a contribution.

The evening was great fun! Kathy Powell introduced Dr. Pepperberg and Anita Pao took pictures to document the evening. Joanne Detweiler & John Olshavsky drove in from Las Vegas to attend the dinner. Joanne and John have adopted two African Greys though South Bay Bird Society. Johnny O is a magician and bought his bag of tricks to the fundraiser. John was great fun you can ask Courtney Calleja and Michael Tran. They were John’s assistances for the evening.

The evening was successful, the food was delicious, and every one had a chance to talk with Dr. Pepperberg. We met up with old friends and welcomed new friends to the dinner table. On the Alex Foundation web site was a matching funds contribution up to$10,000.00 offered by Andy Sterner, a friend of the foundation. The dinner and fundraiser was a fun way to support the foundation, plus we could catch up with Dr. Pepperberg’s current research and plans to move the lab to Harvard.

We raised $1,800.00 for the Alex Foundation, which took the $10,000.00 matching funds challenge by Andy Sterner over the top. Our contributions made the difference and we appreciate everyone’s support for The Alex Foundation. All donations are welcomed and tax deductible, which provide funding for Dr. Pepperberg research of African Grey’s Let’s never forget “Alex”, “Arthur”, or “Griffin” and soon maybe the stork will arrive with a new bundle of “Grey".

Enjoy the pictures from our dinner and fundraiser with Dr. Irene Pepperberg.

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